Startup growth opportunities | Learn from my biggest startup mistake

Learn from my biggest startup mistake

Taking a one-dimensional approach.

True, breakthrough growth requires firing on all cylinders

Turning a startup mistake into an opportunity

Understand what really needs your attention

  1. Company. What you do, who you serve, what problems you’re solving, your message, etcetera.
  2. Customer. What challenges are they facing, how will you make their lives easier, what do they like/dislike about your solution or your competitors, etcetera.
  3. Operations. What are the processes and procedures that help your business run?
  4. People. What are the characteristics, skills, background, etcetera of people who will thrive on your team and help your business grow?

This all makes sense — now what?

  • Have an objective. Define what you are trying to achieve. Then you can build a strategy and tactical plan to achieve those results.
  • Create uniform and consistent messaging. Ensure that your messaging and CX are consistent on- and offline.



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Brett Trainor

Brett Trainor


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